8 Kasım 2015 Pazar

Chairman of the village of record support

Said Ibrahim Sarıcaoğlu the following statement about his happiness, "the neighborhood with the highest voters of our district (village) is the Akbelen. Here there are 300 voters. I thank you for the great support they have given to all of our fellow citizens with a high turnout and record a vote of support voters of our once again gösterdiler.1 November elections that they are with us with 95 of the AK Party by voting record supporting%, "he said.
Poplar Top Rated Enhance Had CountyPresident Sarıcaoğlu, "Kavak 7 June 2015 while the AK Party has 53% share of the vote in the general election on November 1, 2015 general elections in the district of Samsun taking votes 67,9'luk% increase was the district most games. All we would like to thank our fellow citizens for their great support in the general election. We have shown once again their trust to the end. We offer all the necessary services and not paying them ashamed I want to express that we do our best, "he said.

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